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coast. it's bringing rain, big waves and strong winds. and here's a live picture from atlantic city, new jersey. the camera is shaking in the wind ask there's rain there as well. sandy is expected to get a power punch when it collides with two other storms, and that super storm could dump rain or snow over 800 miles from the east coast to the great lakes. >>> good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. we beginning our team coverage of the developing storm with leigh glaser. i understand sandy is expected to come ashore tomorrow? >> leigh: late monday night, throughout the morning hours on tuesday, and looks like atlantic city could be the place where the superstorm makes landfall. let get to live doppler 7hd. you can see -- we're going to put the satellite on there as well. cape hatteras, north carolina, 50 miles-per-hour winds, virginia beach, virginia as well. 45 miles-per-hour, and you can see the rain bands churning and moving inland. the width of the storm, over 500 miles long. right now it is 270 miles southeast of cape hatteras. winds still category 1. moving to the no
. >> there is a combination of low temperatures and low humidity there is city leaders deciding there was too much of a danger today. so the park is closed and this is not the only location where activity is being monitored with temperatures climbing the principal isn't making chances and put up shade for students and has them drinking plenty of water. the school has air kng and everyone is taking precautions. >> you limit play. and they don't do the soccer. and some of the sports or activities. and there is a smart move to stay in the shade. temperatures hot enough for public health officer to remind about heat dangers. >> this is important to watch anyone with heart disease and illnesses. they're at a higher risk. >> one of the popular downtown attractions in july is now a big hit in october. >> there is think be maybe it's open, but it's hot today. >> for some there is no escaping the weather. if you felt overheated imagine conditions for the crew on central road. >> it's like a sauna. you know? you don't need to go to a sauna after this. >> this is hot out there. the forecast calls for temperatures to coo
. the city council meeting filled with family and supporters accusing city leaders of dragging their feet and releasing details on the may 6th shooting and worse. >> this takes time. >> the city council member says the family deserves to know the truth. so does the public. >> people should let the process run its course its incumbent upon to us make sure we provide with the answer autos howard jordan claims he's doing his best and he leased a report on the investigation and in a statement says this will provide independent facts. >> this one that could have been given months ago. >> and representing the family in the wrongful death suit. he says the police report raises more questions than it answers. >> there is a number of them do not see a gun on the kid. >> the report also states there is bloomford -- in contradiction to other states saying he never fired a weapon. >> they want to know what happened. i'm trying to help them understand the circumstances surrounding their son's death. >> and this is after the abuse settlement 10 years ago. if you like to see the full report in this case
this morning to the place that it is tonight. vibrant. the center of the city and nation. some fans began arriving at 10:00 this morning zwrouft get a sense of the area. but the countdown began past two. giants took the field looking loose and business-like. fans can only hope to hit the ball as well tonight as they did here, we're just minutes from game time. no word as who will throw out the first pitch. they're keeping this a secret. we know who sang the national anthem. it's a familiar face. third base coach tim flannery joined bob weir from the grateful dead. he sings in his own rock band. he told us a short time ago he thinks this is taken seriously. >> i pray about this. i hope to do my best. i'm going to do my best. i was wungs told by an irish producer it's either believable or not believable. whatever happens toon on the field or behind the microphone is going to be believable. i can promise you that. >> the way he said that he must -- he's an honorary member of the grateful dead right there, just the way he said it. fans beginning to warm up there. is a qhorks will be singing "
that we do have some heavy rain moving across the isolated amounts of up to a foot. and atlantic city, overcast jumping to 22 miles per hour. we've seen wind gusar up to 82 r hour. watching this carefully, snow has been falling in the mountains and expecting two to three feet of snow. goitsing to move northwest ward but this combining with cold arctic air creating snowfall. we're expecting again two to three feet of snow here. heavy rains and that is going to likely lead to more flooding in that area. i'll have the latest on th local weather and the rain possibility. >> thank you very much. ews is livet moffe field. bay area members of the national guard a headed to help in search and rescue operatns >> re right. five huge car planes have field here carrying 100 personnel. the largest plane that left here is a c 17 globe master. it's carrying two helicopters which are essential to operations. 129 rescue wing of the california international guard is trained for these types of deployments. many of men and women going on this mission have actually taken part in other hurricane air rescue
, including a hearing. this must have final approval by the city administrateor. officers have the right to appeal. the police officer union is very upset about this report. and they say that city officials are -- they blame city officials for not having what they call a clear plan when dealing with occupy-related demonstrations. we'll hear from them at 6:00. we'll also hear from mayor kwan. i'm live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. in san jose the issue is not how police are responding but how long it takes them to get there. only on 7 investigation finds slow response times may be affecting ability of paramed yiblgs to do their jobs in an emergency. david louie is live with the story. >> officials here in san jose city hall and officers on the beat acknowledge they've been getting complaints over slower response times for nonlife threatening calls. in cases response times could be six to seven minutes longer than what the city goal s now there is evidence of slower response times can be putting lives on the line. >> there is already a busy evening with officers investigat
they won the world series. >> i have a lot of friends in other cities and towns and other states, yankees fans, rangers fans, et cetera. so it's nice to see them prove they're back here again and it wasn't just a one-time deal. >> it's huge. you got 2010 world champs versus the 2011 world champs to be the 2012 world champs. so it's big. >> it's scary when you're facing a team with a lot of heart like the giants. so i think they're ready to battle. they're ready to come in here and it's going to be hard to stop them. >> the nice thing about this year's postseason is that the fans seem to be more relaxed. able to enjoy the experience without being so stressed out as they were in 2010. when everyone was eager to see the giants win their first world series in over 50 series. but make no mistake, fans want their team to go all the way like they did two years ago. >> the fans can afford to be excited, but the players have to stay focused. at least that's their job. for a veteran it's easier than the newer to -- newcomers to the playoffs. rick quan joins us live with a preview of the best of sev
of money to the city. there is already getting congestion out there. officials see a wind fall with the good weather, and events and the visitors deep pockets. >> there is expecting what visitors spend so this is going to mean a lot to the city. >> there are officials say as you're gathering if there is so much going on we barely have time to mention it all. there is all kinds of fun events this weekend. >> and there is just a little bit of a hardly, districtly blue grass. this is just guys that started playing. >> there is san francisco, are you ready? >> ready for what? >> there is fleet week and 49ers playing sunday and giants playing saturday and sunday. there is justin beeber playing saturday. ma donna, saturday, sunday. ucla playing cal. >> there is one million people trying to get from points a to b, then maybe c or d. >> there is here with hopes and fans. >> this is like a rally we're getting pumped up for post season. >> and there is blue grass music in kbronld gate park. there is a estimated 300,000 people. 91 acts. the program does not include this group. this itty b
or dig up dimes when they go to grocery stars tomorrow. a new city law goes into effect tomorrow making paper or recyclable bags your only choice. there won't be plastic bags. they will also betrayed charge shoppers ten cents for every bag they use. >> it will motivate people to be more environmentally conscious. overall i say it's a good thing. >> city leaders hope the extra charge will encourage people to carry reusable tote bags with them when they go shopping. a busy weekend for the governor, who faces a midnight deadline to face a pile of bills sitting on his desk. so far he has vetoed a measure that would have allowed judges to recognize multiple parents if it's in the best interest of a child. the governor signed the fair sentencing act for youth that will give some minors sentence to life without parole a chance to earn parole after 15 years. and a bail requiring parents who choose not to get their parents immunized to sign a statement saying they received a statement about the risks and benefits of vaccines. >> we demand and expect that governor brown will sign these bills into
communicate with the people in the neighborhood. they look out for us. >> communicate. that is what city leaders are trying to do. >> many are reluctant to come forward with information. >> there is a effort to reduce crime and there is a a number of those killed by gun violence to 906789 today the department introduced tip watch there is a new tool to fight crime. >> the goal tips can not be identified by police. the information inen crypted and web secure. the service allows information to be sent via text messaging or e mail. and there is saying community involvement is the key. >> there is a shift for those in the community. >> we're look at west oakland differently and bringing economy here. >> making them feel empowered. there is the police department remains under scrutiny. and now, attorneys suing the city have until midnight to file a motion requesting the feds take over the police department. >> and there is killers on the lose after two separate murders last night. police say man was not breathing downtown and there is about four hours later a man shot to death at a birthday p
seat to demonstrators and city hall and businesses were once again the target of pro testors breaking windows. some acknowledge there was a cause behind original movement. >> i hope people continue to speak about these things and not just forget when the new line up comes on. >> and i wish this message would be more peaceful. and this is my city. i love this city. and. >> this group started a year ago has not gone away but have lost some numbers, today they plan a birthday party here. >> there is a business that had been the target in the past are now boarding up windows and we can see police departments officers standing by and there is tents that went up became an eye sore to people who live and work downtown. they tell us for now they're going watch to see if nilg anything happens. and should anything happen they will make a move. >> police are stand big for another group of folks gathering now there is video of the scene there is a after a rally the group plans to march throughout the streets and take over a vacant building in the mission district. there are accusing land lords of
. >> ama: events in both the sky and the sea. the cities filled to capacity, and transit agencies are carrying the load this big bay weekend. good evening, i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. let's head outside and tike -- take a live look at the objection on the embarcadero. there has been a but rush of people out for this jam-packed weekend and so far the city is proving it can handle it. sir glois the middle of the action. >> by some estimates there are about a million people that are supposed to be coming into the city today, and that's because there's so many things going on this weekend. i was checking out twitter. it's actually trending with its own hash tag, big bay weekend. jets soaring overhead are usually the only things oddexes have to pay attention to on fleet week but on day two of this by bay weekend the jets had some competition. >> we come down here every year see the blue angels and americas cup was here, too. >> from marina dreams, fans got a prerare air show, then the teams set sail for the latest stage of the competition. >> when it's on tv we watch it, b
're spending crews to new york to get the city up and running again. some flying, some driving with a mission to help restore power and areas damaged by hurricane sandy. about 150 employees are across the company northern california division. all of them will be used to provide support and get things up and running. so we're happy to send crews out there to restore customers. we've got 150 employees going from northern and central california that. is designed so we can still maintain safe operations here in california while we're helping our utilities on the coast coast. >> most of the teams have helped other agencies before. the teams expected to arrive in white plains new york in the morning and will hit the ground running. relieving some of the team that's are already working and have been working, around the clock in the field most of them have been just trying to restore power lines assess damage and find out what it is they need. that is why pg&e is determined to get there tonight, if they can. i want you to see these teams that are headed to new york tonight. hope floi get there before
efficient lampes. this is part of an effort to make streets safer and lower energy costs in the city. 241 street lights will be upgraded in several areas chosen by police including international boulevard near 98th avenue. mcarthur boulevard and international near 73rd avenue and city officials hope better lighting will help deter crime. >> do you get wetter running or walking through rain? there is a burning question for a exhibit at the tech museum, myth busters is showing off experiments disproving common beliefs such as what side hits the ground if you drop a slice of bred with one side buttered and trying to change into a super hero in a phone booth. it's here for kids and for adult. >> you'll see a kid start experimenting and the adult watches their child then they're like wait a minute. i figured this out. get out of the way. let me try this. >> well, here is one more test you can try. you probably won't be allowed to do that at home. myth busters opens on saturday. >> i wasn't allowed to do it home but tried it once. >> you're not allowed to, ever again. >> right. let's talk about
through. tonight the city council will hear two zoning appeals aimed at keeping the chain out of the city. backers say efforts have nothing to do with the support of antigay group buzz rather increased traffic issues. a meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. >> are you still getting unwanted robo calls? there have been a lot of reports about those unwanted calls. what can we do about this? >> there are millions of consumers on the registry. the ftc received 200,000 complaints about the calls during september alone that. is up about 33% compared to last october. there are exemptions like reminders from doctor area, airlines or schools. politicians can use them. problem so bad, the government holding a robo calling summit thursday, you're invited. i've posted information on abc 7 >> major airlines raising fares for the seventh time this year, southwest bumped fares by as much as $10 per round trip. theres going up ask down like airplanes this year analysts believe this increase will stick. finally tonight a very usual high end retailer and a bargain brand chain. neiman marcus teeming up with
to the north here between crescent city and eureka. we're going put in isolated thunderstorm possibility for this evening. the next band of showers headed to the bay area. and unfortunately it's going to fall during a bad part of the commute. i'll be back to talk about that and let you know what the weather is going to look like for game one of the world series. >> well, there was so much snow that one resort is actually talking about opening early. abc 7 news joins us live with truck qlee . i hope the snow isn't melting already. >> we'll see. fall didn't last very long here, a foolt of snow fell overnight but that is okay with businesses here that want to do better than last year. >> we see one good storm in october this, is it. >> it's only october. the resort see the early snow as a sign of a good season. there are grooming machines gearing up for what might be opening day. >> it does just get a lot of people excited. they start buying gear and seats and passes. >> we're setting our target on friday. it's too irl -- early to tell but we're going to try our best. >> they opened this su
. police hope to see a peaceful demonstration. >> our goal is to have a peac peaceful event. >> city leaders say it's important as the center piece of the downtown revit laigs effort. >> election is less than two week as way and voter registration son the way to setting a new record. nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> california could see hundreds of thousands maybe a million new voters this election. >> some numbers got about 680,000 people have been added to the roles so we're on track breaking the high of voter registration records in the state. >> the office credits the new online site with helping with the boost. half of the new registrations came through the web site. this appeals to the generation accustomed to using the web. campaigns see this as an opportunity to swing the outcomes one way or another. prop 30 temporarily raises taxes to avoid more cuts. public opinion polls motivated a number of stud dwronts register to vote. >> there are a lot of different things that have to do with us this year. so it's nice having a say. >> school is getting harder for us stude
cities have inched towards 100 degree mark today. people all over looking for ways to stay cool in the heat. and there is a nice shady spot. and san francisco aquatic park there is some jumping in the water though they do d.not have a bathing suit on. >> there are no records but it's been the hottest day of the year so far. highs so far 90 degrees. there is shot knot official highs of the day. there is oakland 92 degrees and there is the 9 so far in napa. 103 degrees in yu kaia. there is relief coming. and i'll be back to let you know when that is coming up. >> the coast guard searching for two missing fisherman off the coast. a large wave popped four men into the pacific ocean and this family of the 46-year-old says he knows how to swim and his wife hopes searchers will find him. >> and the men go fishing together every month. the family plans to keep searching the coastline until he is found. >> and the mayor ossie davis says he will not be intimidated if an arsonist is responsible for burning his offices. davis says he believes the fire and other acts of vandalism are expecte
be removed from office. today, a coalition of groups held a rally outside city hall to urge supervise dwrorz oust mirkarimi considering the vote a milestone moment in the fight for victims rights. saying the actions do not warrant dismissal from the job. it's the culmination of events sneet action more than nine months ago. >> there are so many events happened. december 34 of last year, new year's eve, mirkarimi bruised his wife's arm during an argument over her son and her desire to take their son on an extended visit to convenient swaila. there is the bruise. and that is what is at the crux of the case, next day she asked a neighbor to document her injuries and this photo comes from the cell phone video that her neighbor took. next week on january 8th he was sworn in as new sheriff. several days later police arrested the new sheriff, prosecutors charged him with three misdemeanors. he struck a deal march 12th and in return prosecutors dropped a more serious charges and mirkarimi agreed to go to domestic violence classes for a year, perform community service and pay a fichblt now, march 20t
the sheriff. >> deputy city attorney sheri kaiser presented the case, asking to uphold his suspension. >> the sure in his testimony to them minimized and sanitized his account of the events that he was not truthful or forth coming. >> the attorney represented mirkarimi sat in a corner listening intently. the punishment does not fit the crime. >> and this is the mayor never alleging he committed he fishl misconduct in performance of official duties. >> the supervisors present hopes they will vote tonight f they don't, the charter permits them to vote next week f they don't act next week, he is he reinstated back as sheriff. as you said earlier this may be a late vote because he promised he wants everyone to have a say here tonight. i talked to david wagner who said if they lose here tonight they'll appeal but there is something like 30 days to do that. if mirkarimi is reinstated i heard from an activist they'll start a campaign. at 6:00 you'll hear some of the testimony. >> this sounds like it not over yet. >> tourists got to see something they did not expect. rescue of an injuried sea
to make changes. >> city officials say there will be zero tolerance for vandalism tonight. port of oakland is also on alert. >> state of california sued to take masks off some of the mystery donors pushing of anonymous dollars into the campaign to defeat a tax measure on the ballot. nannette? >> federal law doesn't require nonprofits to disclose donors but a new rule does a law just filed by the attorney general is the first test of the power. >> californians one step closer to knowing who is behind americans for responsible leadership ai. group gave $11 million to a california political action committee. the money being spent to defeat proposition 30 and win approval for proposition 32 banning payroll deductions. the commission won the first round in court arguing it's imperative they unmask donors.. >> if not disclosed immediately, each day brings more public harm and less public moth of the -- knowledge of the contribution. >> the attorney says the constitution allow pemz to express political opinions through donations.. >> this can only be interfered with if rules are clear that they h
on the peninsula. 76 for palo alto. coastal areas clear skies near the coast. 63 in daily city. 60s near the coast. 79 in santa rosa. mid-70s oakland, hayward, inland areas right around where you should be. 69 in monterey. 67 in carmel. accu-weather forecast mild to warm both days this weekend. a little bit cooler beginning monday continuing through the end of the work week. we'll bring in a chance of rain rain likely on halloween. another chance of showers late friday night. i've been trying to push the rain off for trick or treaters. >> a lot of parents want to you keep trying. >> thank you a lot. >> well there is plenty to do on halloween. we have a list of events happening all over the bay area. we have highlighted events that are kid friendly. we'd love to see your picture. you can e mail those to >> coming up next finney's friday free stuff is a stress release. >> at 6:00 tonight a celebrity chef explains how you can make healthy living a new priority for the family. >>> oh, boy. weekend is finally here. giants up two games to nothing. what more is there to life? >> how about som
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